Hi there! I am thrilled you stopped by and I hope you feel welcome to stay awhile! Obviously, my name is Macy Griswold and I am a third-year law student at the University of Oklahoma. I love the season of life I am in and honestly, have never felt more like myself. I have made new friends, grown personally and professionally, and learned more than I thought possible during my time in law school.

Before law school, I attended Oklahoma State University and loved my time there, too. Going through the animal science and agricultural communications program at OSU truly changed me for the better and I will hold lessons I learned in my short seven semesters with me for a lifetime. I competed on three judging teams and could never put into words the memories or friendships I made. I grew up just south of Stillwater with my parents, Garfield and Angie, and two siblings, Colton and Chloe.

I love to travel and have had incredible opportunities to study abroad, both in my undergraduate studies and through the law school. I studied agriculture in New Zealand and Australia during my time at OSU. Both countries are beautiful, but New Zealand speaks right to my soul! Last summer, I attended a study abroad program at Oxford University in England. While we were in Europe, my friend Lacee {Photo Credit for the above photo at the Trevi Fountain} and I, made the most of our time and traveled to a different country every weekend! Woah, I know! We crossed Italy, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, and England off our bucket lists. I also traveled solo to Scotland on a free weekend! I greatly encourage international travel, but I am going to focus on crossing more states off my bucket list for awhile!

This summer, I interned with the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System in Norman, Oklahoma. During my time there, my love for criminal law intensified and I found a passion in the public interest sector of criminal defense. I am unsure what life will look like after law school, but I am excited to find out!

I love to write, but photography holds my heart. There is just something about capturing memories for someone and being the reason they will have those memories for a lifetime! I love capturing people in their element and honestly that is one of my favorite parts of taking photos. A person is most beautiful when they are doing something with passion.

Freezing time is a powerful thing. I love to capture seniors preparing for their next life chapter, weddings of two people beginning a life together, and children with families sharing life and love with each other!

I guess you could say I am just a girl trying to make a positive impact on the world one frame at a time. Thanks again for stopping by; I would love to hear from you!

All the best,